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St Ivo School

Welcome to St Ivo School!

Our ethos is about fulfilling potential, ensuring that everyone who comes to our school achieves everything of which they are capable - nothing is more important to us than that.  We are also a friendly, welcoming school, where students work hard and achieve great things, every day!

The key to young people fulfilling their potential is that they receive an outstanding education, which is the sole aim of our school.  Our key aim, as staff, is to ensure that we are providing all our students with that outstanding education.  Another key aspect is to create the conditions in which young people can flourish, so working together to ensure great teaching is a high priority.  From the students, we expect a superb attitude to their learning, extraordinarily hard work every day and outstanding behaviour.

Of course, examination results matter, but St Ivo School is about much more than examination results.  It is about providing students with a broad, balanced and enriching experience of school life, in a caring environment, that will help them develop as confident, active citizens of the 21st century, who can make their own contribution towards making our world a better place.

We are an open school; if you would like to come and see us, please do contact us.  We would love to see you!

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School Improvement Plan

Ofsted report

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Year 9 into 10

The Key Stage 4 prospectus is now available. The choices form to be submitted is also available as a separate document for easy printing. Completed form need to be returned to the school by Tuesday 24th February.

Sixth Form - entry September 2015

The Sixth Form prospectus for 2015-16 can be found here. The application form is also available separately here. Our entry requirements booklet can now be accessed here.

IVO News

Week beginning Monday 26th January - Week A

Resource Centre

The Resource Centre offers a great study area for students - details here.

Change of timetable lessons for Summer 2015

Year 11
Last day of teaching current timetable will be Thursday 14 May, to include final assembly period 4.  From Friday 15 May, students will start intensive revision and block revision.  This will be organised centrally with departments.

Year 12
AS and Level 3 students out of school on Leave from Monday 11 May to Friday 05 June inclusive.  Level 2 students will be required to remain in school to complete final portfolio work and deadlines.  Any Level 2 student with external exams will be given preparation time.

Year 13
Last day of teaching current timetable will be Friday 05 June to include their last ever final assembly period 4.  Please note that this is one week later than usual - students will be in lessons the week after half term.

There are a few exams which take place outside these dates, eg resits.  Students affected will be given preparation time in the usual way.

St Ivo School is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales with registered number 07703797.
The registered office is St Ivo School, High Leys, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 6RR.
St Ivo School's VAT registration number is 127125733.